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LVL Eyelashes Shrewsbury


LVL Lashes Shrewsbury


NO Eyelash Curlers NO Mascara NO False Lashes


The LVL Lash Lift is the revolutionary lash phenomenon that will reveal your natural lashes in all their glory. Especially if you love the natural look, LVL will deliver the best natural beautiful look that you ill ever need for your lashes, whilst lasting a long time and giving your beautiful eyes that natural wide-eyed look without having to rely on mascara or false lashes anymore!

When choosing the LVL lash treatment you will forget about the hazardous routine of eyelash curlers and putting mascara in the morning. It is a low maintenance treatment that will add LENGTH VOLUME LIFT to your natural lashes without having lash extensions added to them.

With no perming techniques or harsh chemicals used to lift your natural lashes, only the use of gentle, innovative products that lift and straighten your natural lashes on silicon shields, rather than traditional perming ‘rods’, which is  kinder and more caring to your lashes. You to get the maximum length from your lashes, as the LVL treatment also includes tinting the top eyelashes, as they usually start to fade at the tip.


This Exciting New Lash Treatment Has Been Exclusively Created by NOUVEAU Lashes and is Available NOW at EllaLashes LVL Lashes Shrewsbury

Giving You The Revolutionary LVL EyeLahses in Shrewsbury


LVL Mobile Lash Service


LVL Lashes in Shrewsbury is the best treatment to Length, Volume  and Lift your eyelashes naturally, as your own lashes are lengthened, lifted and tinted in one visit, creating fullness, length and will last 6 to 8 weeks. Your top recommended best mobile LVL eyelash technician will gently curve and lift your straight lashes creating fullness, volume and length, better than any mascara result. Your LVL mobile lash artist will take around 45 minutes to apply the technique and it will last for the life of your natural eyelashes (approx 6 to 8 weeks).

The LVL lash extension is unlike a traditional lash perm, LVL treatment enhances and curls your natural lashes from the root, creating the appearance of longer, straighter, thicker lashes, and the added lash tint creates a mascara-style effect, so you’re lashes will be perfect from the moment you wake-up.

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LVL Lashes Shrewsbury
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