Where Can I Buy Eyelash Extensions in Shrewsbury

Where Can You Buy Eyelash Extensions in Shrewsbury Shropshire

Whats On Shrewsbury?

Looking Where Can You Buy Eyelash Extensions in Shrewsbury

Well; this questions has been asked quite a lot lately by clients of mine, as the lash trend has no stop even in 2018.

So I went off around all Shrewsbury shops that sell beauty product to find out the best places where can you buy eyelash extensions, fake lashes, semi permanent lash extensions, lash strips, false eyelashes, whichever you chose to call them, and what do you need to look out for to make sure that your purchase is what you intended.

For starters, it is important to understand that there are cheap fake eyelashes and affordable strip lashes and there are the expensive false lashes, that are usually a premium quality. The stores listed below are in order as I went to them and not in order of best shop to buy false lashes.

List of Places Where You Can Buy Eyelash Extensions in Shrewsbury

Home Bargains

At Home Bargains Shrewsbury it is a hit or miss, although they always have at least two selections of false lashes, the quality always is changing but the price stays the same. Probably this is the cheapest place that sells strip false lashes, my advice here is if you are on a LOW budget and you need to check regular to catch a gem!


Here they have a good nice selection of lashes at different price range, different quality and looks, which is important if you are after a particular type of style or look. There are many brands to shop like Eylure, Ardell, Benefit and much more, you can also collect advantage points on whatever you spend.


Similar to Boots but different brands with a wide array of false lash extension looks including selling Wispies, the original feathered lash and natural lashes in strip and accent styles, all this gives you a choice in which to capture that special look you are looking for when buying false lash extensions.


Although at Clair’s I only found one brand which is Eylure, there was a lot of styles to choose from and not just fake strip lashes but also individual lashes as well.


At H&M they have their own elegant false eyelashes that create fullness and definition, with many styles to choose from and I must say some of them gave a brilliant lash impact when I tried them on!


Very nice packaging which is different than all the other shops I have been in, there are three styles to choose from and they are called Dainty Doll Lashes.


Beauty on a budget, again here it is similar to Home Bargains, brands come and go, but sometimes they have a good selection to choose from. The great thing is that you can pick really nice ones for a pound, you can’t beat that if you do not want to spend much on eyelashes.



Here you will find similar lash brands that are at Boots and Superdrug but 5p/10p cheaper. So if you are after a certain style, probably best to check all three stores and surly you will find the style you are looking to buy.


I don’t know anyone that dose not like this store, it nearly has everything you want, my personal favorite of course is the beauty section. Yes; products there keep changing and not always available but they are always different and sometimes you find hidden gems and beauty products that no other shop sells.

Same goes to the lashes they sell, a good selection which varies every time but you will always find a style you will like!


Yes; now a bit of self marketing 🙂

Now if you are looking for one that knows and understands the product that they are selling and has a reputation that you are willing to bet your lashes on when you come to buy eyelash extensions in Shrewsbury.

Then Ellalashes can provide you just that, as an experienced Pro Lash Artist I am able to recommend the best style, look and brand for you plus teach you how to apply them on for FREE!

Trained by Nouveau as an Ultimate Lash Artist, I not only can provide eyelash extension treatments but offer a FREE consultation with every product sale regarding your lashes and lash products that you have bought from me.

My lash studio offers all Nouveau Lash products and false lashes, plus other top lash brands, so contact me if you are interested and lets add some glamour to a special event you may have or stun you daily beauty look!

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