What Type of Fake Eyelashes Should I Get and What Kind of Lashes Should I Buy?

What Type of Fake Eyelashes Should I Get

Wearing false lashes is the norm these days as it can you give you longer, fuller eyelashes that you always dreamed wanted, but what kind of fake eyelashes should you get for the shape of your eyes and face, and what type should you buy? 

Did you know that certain lashes will look better on your eyes than others they are exactly just like choosing a hairstyle to match the shape of your face. False lashes and their hundreds of styles can enhance your natural lashes and  eyes or even change the entire shape of your eyes and look completely.

What Kind of  Eyelashes Should You Buy and The Most Popular Lashes To Have

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How To Choose Fake Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

With a growing range of falsies available, to know the type of fake lashes you can get it is best to know your eye shape as a first step then you can choose your false lashes types. When you know your shape it should help you choose whether you want volume over length or is it best buying fake lashes that look natural.

Get a mirror and look at your overall eye-shape with the help of the below eye shape type to assess your profile look.

Lashes For Your Eye Shape

Types of False Eyelashes Pictures

Understanding the shape of your eye will help you pick the kind of falsies that are best suited for you and your face. There is a huge number of fake lashes out on the market with lots of shapes, sizes, looks and styles, and because you can not try before you buy the lash type you want. Below you will find false eyelash pictures of probably the most used strip lashes that everyone buys.

Types of Fake Lashes Pictures


How to Choose False Eyelashes

How to Choose Fake LashesIf you are struggling to decide which fake lashes to choose from all the different styles, ranges and brands available out there, then below you will find some information regarding all the different type of lashes there is on the market, so you can easily select a style that suits you as there are false eye-lashes to cater for every single individual’s needs.

3D Lashes

3D strip lashes are for a bold dramatic looks, they have been designed with a double layered strip lash look to give you volume and heavy density, achieving a stand out striking finished look. Their is a huge range of different 3D lash designs that are made from different type of materials that each will provide a slightly different effect.

If you are looking for a full but natural looking eye, then go for the 3D mink lashes, but if you want a heavy dense look, then go for a synthetic or human hair 3D style.

Mink Lashes

Best known for creating an enhanced volume, length and soft, fluffy look; mink lash extensions are probably the top choice for creating a luxury flawless look. Mink lashes are supposedly made of high quality real mink hairs which are sourced ethically from the mink animal, this is what gives them that extremely natural look.

They are lightweight and carefully layered to mimic the appearance of your natural lashes, they will require extra care even when they are high quality, as they are very delicate in comparison to synthetic lashes.

Faux Mink Lashes

Yes there are a Faux mink lashes and they are an alternative to mink lashes, which still offer a similar look but are ultra-lightweight for a natural appearance as each faux mink lash fiber is softly layered to create a delicate, textured effect. They are more affordable than your mink lashes and many different styles available.

Silk and Faux Silk Lashes

Silk or Faux Silk eyelashes are soft, shiny and incredibly lightweight providing comfort to your eyes and can give you a natural feather looking appearance with a realistic looking finish and are similar quality to mink hairs.

Human Hair Lashes

Usually all the natural looking eyelash styles are made of human hair, which are comfortable, affordable and lightweight, allowing them to be worn everyday and are probably the best choice for lash beginners that want to put on eyelashes for the first time.

They are fine hairs and flexible allowing the application process to be a little easier.

Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic strip lashes are mostly suited for completing heavy makeup looks, they are perfect for Do you need achieving more dramatic looks as they densely enhance your lashes and give increased definition.

How to Buy Fake Eyelashes

When buying false lashes the first thing you need to Understanding is your eye shape, as this will help you work out the best lash style that suits your look. After considering you you eye shape think why are you buying lashes, is it for a party, everyday use or to help your eyes look more stunning as you might have really short thin lashes.

Do you need volume over length or is it a natural look you are going for, setting out why you need to buy strip lash and for what occasion will help you pick the best lashes that will suit your eyes, look and the occasion and reason you want them for.

Avoid buying false lash that you do not need and do not suit your eye-shape by following these rules.

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