LVL Lashes Are They Good and Are They Safe

LVL Lashes Are They Safe

YES; LVL lashes treatment is good and can achieve brilliant results, helping to add, volume, tone, depth and make your natural eyelashes look longer and fuller. No wonder it is the most popular lash treatments in the UK and highly asked for and done by celebrities.

The LVL lash lift treatment is perfect for anyone who loves lash extensions and want to enhance their natural eyelashes, it is beneficial for those who consistently curl their lashes and use strip lashes. Also if you do not have time every morning to add your eyelashes to your beauty routine.

This lash treatment is best, as it makes your eyes sparkle and stand out with minimum to no maintenance required, saves time as you do not have to curl your eyelashes anymore or even apply mascara and it lasts 6-8 weeks with no maintenance cost.

Celebrities with LVL Lashes

LVL Lashes On Michelle Keegan

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Do not think every beautiful natural lashes you see on Instagram are really natural lashes. A lash lift is the secret for longer and lovelier natural lashes that make your look stunning and bring out the beauty of your eyes.

The enhanced treatment provides fuller natural lashes without the cost of fillers and maintenance that you get with extensions. So they are not physically longer, although they seem like that, they are just curled and tinted making them appear longer and fuller which will provide a dramatic effect.

LVL Lashes Benefits

The first benefit of the LVL Lash Lifts is that they will look so much natural then extensions when applied, as they are your natural lashes but have been tinted, permed, lifted and curled using state of the art serums and balms.

A treatment that is great if you get irritation from extensions and for helping to sort out any longer, untamed lashes or short and spike lashes. It is also brilliant if your lashes are crisscrossed and fuzzy, helping you get your eyelashes more straight and more manageable.

The LVL treatment is also maintenance free, apart from going back after 6 to 8 weeks to have them done again. You wont regret spending money on this treatment, it is essentially a perm which make your natural eyelashes curlier, helping them stand out and look longer than they actually are.

How Dose LVL Lash Lift Work?

Your natural lashes are the only thing used for the treatment, no extensions added what so ever just the special serum that straightens them from the root and gives them that super curled look. Much like a perm which will curve your eyelashes and turn them upwards plus adding a tint to give them that length they need, height and volume, which will give you the appearance of having longer and thicker lashes naturally.

This advanced treatment technique is designed to boost and lift the natural lash and is the best alternative to extensions.

The Best Good Thing About It

You will not have to think about your lashes when you get a LVL lift from the moment you wake up till you sleep, as they are your natural lashes at the end of the day.

Just keep in-mind that the first 24hrs you can not apply any makeup around the eyes, wet them or be present in steamy areas and apply makeup removers. There is an aftercare procedure you need to follow for the first 48hrs so that the treatment can have its maximum effect and last longer.

But after all that you will no longer require to curl your lashes again or apply extensions if you do not need to and not even apply mascara although you can. Your beautiful eyelashes will look longer, make you feel better about your eyes and make your eyes look wider or bigger.

The results are so amazing and you can see major difference and see that they are noticeably curled. With eyelash extensions you are required to be extra careful doing anything around your eyes area, for example; washing you face, sleeping on your pillow a certain way and even applying makeup.

But with the LVL lift you do not have to think about your lashes at all or your eye beauty routine. You just wake up, wash your face, add mascara if you want and you are good to go and start your day.

You can even use coconut oil or facial oil without effecting your lash lift one bit, as they have been set, and all you have to do is just keep conditioning and nourishing them using the special lash serum you can buy from your lash technician.

This will keep the effect lasting longer and maximize the 6 to 8 week time period that the lash lift lasts. is it the lowest maintenance lash treatment out there.

Do LVL Lashes Give Good Results?

You will be absolutely amazed and stunned by the results you will see afterwords. It will look like you have replaced your lashes with gorgeous curled eyelashes with no more mascara weighing them down.


LVL Enhance Treatment Results

The results will make you look far more awake in the morning without having to lift a finger, curl a lash or apply mascara and will definitely reduce the time you take doing your morning regime. And after even four weeks later they will still look just as good and as they have been done now lasting generally for six to eight weeks.

LVL Lashes Are They Safe?

As with all beauty treatments, they do not come without risks and safety, plus some might have a reaction from the lash growth serum but not the lash perm. You can run into serious side effects if you do not choose the right trained aesthetician or lash technician who is experienced with LVL lash lifts and has been trained by Nouveau Lashes.

LVL Lash lifting is a permanent service were the treatment will last for the lifespan of each of your  natural lashes that are present at the time of your treatment. It is basically a perm where you do not have to use false extensions or lash tools and they last for about a month or so, and you will need to do the process again after the effect has gone due to your new natural lashes that have grown instead of your old natural lashes that have fallen out which were treated.

When Safety and risk come on the top of the list, it is probably skin irritation which is the greatest risk of the whole procedure of the treatment. Although a patch test is required 48hrs before each treatment it is heard of although very rare that someone gets a reaction.

This can be due to hormone changes or the person did not do the patch it properly. It is so important to do a patch test and do not accept any lash lift treatment from any company or brand that dose not do a patch test for you first.

In the process of the application, protective pads are placed along your lash line to prevent any or the serums used from getting onto your skin to eliminate any skin irritation as well, as you might be prone to irritation from the serum used and not only the tint.

Anyone with a history of eye allergies, eye infections, sensitivity or chronic dry eye, should not do the treatment or discuses their problem with their experienced therapist who can and will provide solutions or alternatives.

Lash Lift Side Effects Include:

  • Blisters
  • Rashes
  • Redness
  • Dry Eyes
  • Watery Eyes
  • Inflammation of the Skin
  • More Brittle or Fizzy Lash Hairs

You must know and understand that there is no complete safe way to get a lash lift without any risks whether be it from serums, perms, tints, balms or glues. And note that working with an inexperienced technician can also increase the risk of safe application of the treatment process.

So the treatment is safe to some extent only, and if all procedures are followed correctly, patch test is done right with no reaction indicated and your therapist is trained properly, knowledgeable and experienced.

Know the risks and dangers before any beauty procedure and ask for a patch test plus ensure to stick to the aftercare advice given by your therapist.

LVL Lash Lift Treatment Info

Pricing: £45 – £95+ depending where you are in the UK.

Application: Professionally applied by a trained Nouveau Lash technician

Company: Nouveau Lashes

Application Duration: 45min – 95min

Treatment Effect Time: 6 – 8 weeks

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