Where To Get Your Lash Extensions Done In Shrewsbury Shropshire

A few years ago people would ask me what mascara do you have on?

Nowadays they ask me where can I get my extensions done?

With trendy NEW lash salons popping up across the country and masterful applications and treatments becoming increasingly fine tuned, it is never been easier to achieve a supernatural effect for your eyelashes using extensions.

As many of you lash lovers may know, that if you have had your eyelash extensions ever done by a professional lash technician, you would have fell in love with them since and probably addicted to them by now, and some of you may also have got them done in multiple locations around Shrewsbury or even Manchester, Birmingham and even a London lash salon, just to find that experienced, top must recommended eyelash artist .

But where to go for the best place to get your lash extensions done in Shrewsbury?


Well; No Other Than….


Ella Lashes – Top Recommended Lash Extensions in Shrewsbury

Located in the heart of Shrewsbury Shropshire, Ella Lashes is easy to get to form anywhere in Shrewsbury, as you do not have to do anything other than booking your appointment online or by phone, and the best mobile lash technician in Shrewsbury will have your lashes done at your own home in your own comfort or you can visit her chic lash salon in Shrewsbury.

Don’t hesitant to try the most recommended new beauty expert in Shrewsbury.

At the NEW private lash studio, clients rest on a soft white treatment bed with relaxing music.

As trusted by clients and recommended by other beauty experts and beauty bloggers. Your reputable lash technician is extremely knowledgeable in all things skin care, beauty and make up. Talk about a trusted lash salon!

The idea is not to look like you are wearing false lashes. What I want to achieve for all clients, is to mimic your own lashes only prettier and with more volume and glamour. Requiring minimal makeup (although I LOVE makeup) and giving you as a client the ultimate beauty quick fix.

You will book your appointment knowing that you will get a professional and best treatment.

The Technician

I Ella, who is the owner and lash technician at EllaLashes, and have done lashes for fourteen years, making me not only breathes lashes but probably lives them!

Being incredibly meticulous, fast, and most importantly gentle. Your lashes and the general area around your eyes is extremely sensitive and should be treated with care. All clients have absolutely recommend EllaLashes, especially after trying eye-lash extensions for the very first time with EllaLashes. There’s no one in Shrewsbury that you can trust more with your lashes.

The Lashes + The Wear

The most important thing in all eyelash extensions are the Results!

At EllaLashes we use and have been trained by the best lash brand in the UK and the lashes are guaranteed to last from work to the gym to a wild night out. You will be amazed and impressed by how easy they wear on your eyes, how light they feel, and how painless it is to sleep with them on, especially if you like to sleep on your stomach or wear a lot of eye make-up daily.

You can choose between four different treatments and they all feel extremely soft and very much like your natural lashes. They will be applied so close to your own lash line that removing make-up becomes a walk in the park. Seriously you will have never worn softer lashes where ever you had them done in Shrewsbury!!

Book your appointment @EllaLashes now!

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