Semi Permanent Lashes VS Permanent Eyelash Extensions

What is The Difference Between Semi Permanent and Permanent Eyelash Extensions in Shropshire?

There is a bit of a mix up when it comes to false eyelashes or semi-permanent lashes and permanent eyelashes. So hopefully this article will help you understand the difference between them.

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are synthetic fibers that are attached to your real lashes one by one to make it look as if they are all one seamless strip of eyelashes and as natural as possible, making your lashes look more voluminous and glamours, plus helping those people with small and thin lashes get the look they want.

While Permanent Eyelash Extensions actually require a medical transplant or grafting. as it is called. Those lashes will last a lifetime and upkeep is extremely minimal since the lashes will grow out by themselves as your natural eyelashes do, but you would need to trim then since they do not fall out as do your natural lashes.

Permanent eyelash extensions apparently last a lifetime since the hair is actually transplanted into your eye lids, while semi-permanent eyelash extensions are only attached to your natural lashes and the procedure is non-invasive, but only last you about a months to a year if you maintain them properly.

Difference Between Semi-Permanent and Permanent Eyelash Extensions

  • Cost: Permanent eyelash extensions will cost you a-lot of money, as the procedure start around £3000. However; semi-permanent lash extensions cost only about a fraction of that starting around £45 depending on the treatment you choose and look you want.
  • Maintenance: The only upkeep you will ever have to worry about when it comes to permanent eye-lash extensions is the occasional trimming as they keep growing and never fall. However; when it comes to semi-permanent eye-lash extensions you will have to go back to the salon for a top ups and re-fills every now and again.

How Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are Applied?

The esthetician starts by taping down your upper and lower lashes, then places one lash at a time after another on top of your lashes, then ends up with curling your lashes for a more finished look. The treatment usually takes around an hour and a half to finish.

Three Types of Eyelashes

  • Synthetic: These are the most inexpensive as they are pretty basic and made of artificial materials.
  • Silk: These eyelashes tend to make a more dramatic look since are much darker as compared to the others, and silk lashes will make you look as if you already have mascara on.
  • Mink: These are the most luxurious of the three. Mink has a more natural look light weight and tend to blend into you natural lashes but costly.


How Permanent Eyelash Extensions are Applied?

You Can Not “APPLY” permanent eyelash as it is extremely important to have a skilled and licensed professional do it this is a medical procedure and it starts with a doctor removing or grafting hair from other areas of your body, usually the lower part of the nape. He/she then will attach or transplant each and every hair into your eyelids forever.

This procedure is an actual surgery and must be done by a certified medical professional. This website and all it’s anthers, owners, contributors and it’s management do not give advice or recommendation regarding and medical or heath issues. You hereby agree that you shall not make any medical or health-related decision based in whole or in part on anything contained in the Site. You should not rely on any information contained in the Site and related materials in making medical, health-related or other decisions. You should consult a licensed physician, doctor or appropriately-credentialed health care worker in your community in all matters relating to your health.


Which One Shall You Go For?

The question of whether or not to get permanent or semi-permanent extensions should always be followed by the following questions:

  1. How much upkeep am I willing to put up with?
  2. How much money am I willing to pay?

But most of all do your research and pick out a licensed and skilled aesthetician or doctor to perform the procedure you want to ensure against any type of reaction or effect.


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