Pre-Travel Beauty Lash Prep

Get Your Lashes Done Before You Travel

PreTravel Lash Extensions Prep Before You Travel From Shrewsbury

There is no question that eyelash extensions are so popular during the holiday season or when going on holiday, and EllaLashes is no stranger to high demand.

A Must Do beauty tip that you should really consider before your next holiday, getaway or long weekend away from your home town Shrewsbury Shropshire, so you can travel like an effortless globetrotter, and forget about your mascara and how you look waking up the next morning on your long awaited holiday.

The best pre-travel beauty prep tip is having your eye-lash extensions done before your holiday, so when you book your holiday from on of the travel agents in Shrewsbury or online, book you lash treatment as well.

Trust me; Eyelash extensions are the best thing you can do for your face before going on vacation.

You will literally wake-up every morning while on holiday with a fresh face and ready to go out in less than ten minutes, cutting down your getting-ready time and enjoying more time of your holiday rather then fiddling with mascara, eyeliner and trying to remove your morning look.

Your holiday eyelash extensions will be so soft and comfortable (depending where you have them done); you will barely notice them on you, wherever you will adventuring through the day on your vacation.

There will no need t wear mascara at all, unless you want to sometimes wear mascara on your bottom lashes and your eyeliner will be a thing of the past.

If you are wondering why women flock to EllaLashes or their local salon, below are five reasons why and why you should consider having your lashes done as one of you pre-travel beauty prep.

5 Main Reasons to Get a Pre-Travel Lash Extensions Beauty Prep

  1. Less Hassle While Getting Ready

Lashes require minimal effort, making it easy to look great in the morning during your holiday, this is especially helpful if you’re going between holiday shopping and dinner parties.

  1. Makeup Not Required

While wearing eyelash extensions, you can go without the need of makeup. Saving you time and having more time to enjoy your holiday.

  1. Spend Less Time Doing Your Makeup, and More Time With Family

Eyelash extensions instantly free up 15-30 minutes of your time (well imagine that) resulting in more time with your loved ones without worrying about your looks on holiday.

  1. They are Versatile

Rather than worrying about changing your look from your shipping run for your evening dinner, let your completely customized eyelash extensions get you through the day.

  1. They are a Statement

Lashes make an impression on everyone and be  prepared to turn heads while on holiday.


Eyelash extensions are a top recommended holiday beauty tip.

Find the best lash technician salon in Shrewsbury that know how to treat your lashes right, and book your pre-travel lash extension treatment.

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