Bad Eyelash Extensions Done Wrong

Bad Eyelash Extensions Done Wrong

Very Poorly Done Bad Eyelash Extensions in Shrewsbury Salon!

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are so fabulous these day and all the rage, they bring you confidence by opening up your eyes and eliminate the need for daily application of mascara or even eyeliner. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individually bonded to your natural lashes by bonding the extensions to each of your lash keeping them 2mm from the eye lid and using minimal glue to avoid any irritation and keep them feeling light weight as your lashes feel.

The reason why you need infills or topping up your lashes extensions is that your natural eyelashes fall out on average of 90 days taking away with them your extensions and that is why they need infilling every 2-3 weeks. Next time you have your lash extension done at a Shrewsbury salon or if you have them on already, look at one of your lashes when they do fall out, you will see that the extension is placed on a single eyelash and should have so little glue that it can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Unfortunately there are many cases where this is not the case and the client is lumped by horrible, heavy individual extensions, were the application was done fast and with less care taken, and with infills are needed more often, to maximize profit for the beauty salon. This is not only damaging to your natural eyelashes from the excess glue that is put on adding extra weight, a very bad eyelash extension will pull out some of your natural lashes with it as well, creating even more damage to your lashes and eye lids.

Sadly this happens a-lot as some beauty salons have no seance of care or responsibility, and even when a professional, experienced lash expert comes to fix the problem at hand, she is normally unable to infill them and have to remove them all starting again from scratch plus with less natural lashes left on the eyes, this also means that even with the new lash extensions your lashes might not look as full as they could.

Below you will see how bad eyelash extension look like and how they should look like when done correctly by a professional lash technician.

Bad Eyelash Extensions in Shrewsbury Salon

These eyelash extensions were very badly done in a Shrewsbury Salon and Not by EllaLashes. Note how many fake eyelash extensions are glued on one or even two natural lashes and how much glue applied.

eyelash extensions before and after Shrewsbury

These are the natural lashes after the wrongly done extensions were removed.
eyelash extensions gone wrong in ShrewsburyThis is the end result after a professional eyelash extensions. The client is now able to brush them daily and keep them clean and after a few months her natural lashes will recover, grow and be able to create a fuller look with the extensions.



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